Even More Ways to Save

As promised in my previous two money-saving tips posts, here are even more ways to start building your savings.

1. Make a Grocery List

It is fairly common advice: Never shop when you’re hungry. I’ll add to that: never set foot in a grocery store without a grocery list. Write up your list of essential items, then stick to it. It is helpful to have your meals for the week planned out ahead of time and shop for ingredients accordingly.

NYC Subway R160A 9237 on the E

2. Take public transportation

If you live in a big or even medium sized city, chances are there is some form of public transportation available to you to get around. It may not be glamorous to take the bus to the grocery store, but you can save the glamour for when you strike it rich. Until then, live within your means and take the bus. Or better yet, ride a bike.

3. Get a Library Card and Use It

Libraries continue to be totally awesome, completely free community resources. Well, maybe technically, you’ve paid for them with taxes, but that’s even more reason to take advantage of them.  If you haven’t been to a library lately, I think you’d be surprised at how much you can do and learn in terms of programming and events, never mind all the books, movies and music you can borrow.

Frick Art Reference Library Card Catalog

4. Buy Second Hand

Shop at resale shops, garage sales, rummage sales and estate sales. Yes, you can even check the curbs for good, usable items that some person might consider trash. You know the say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You may think this is a bit too extreme. Maybe, but you’d be surprised what lazy and/or wealthy people throw out. I’m not talking about mattresses and old worn out easy chairs, but items like picture frames or shelving can often be found in great condition on trash day.

5. Reward Yourself

Saving money isn’t about deprivation. Well, yes it is, but living within your budget doesn’t have to be punishment.  In fact, if you don’t reward yourself for your good savings behavior, there’s the very real possibility that you could go to the other extreme with an uncontrollable spending spree. So treating yourself to something nice from time to time is fine.

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