Two New Vegan Cookbooks

Comfort Eating with Nick Cave
Vegan Recipes to Get Deep Inside of You
by Automne Zingg and Joshua Ploeg


Defensive Eating with Morrissey
Vegan Recipes from the One You Left Behind

by Automne Zingg and Joshua Ploeg

Not sure if you are an omnivore, herbivore or carnivore? If you follow a vegan diet, then you are an herbivore and Microcosm Publishing has cookbooks for you. Many in fact, but two of their latest titles come from the cheffing and illustrating duo of Automne Zingg  and Joshua Ploeg.

According to her website, Zingg  is a writer, illustrator, musician and visual artist based in New York. She does appear to be a motivated and creatively active woman who would no doubt give some credit for her productivity to a vegan diet. This by no means suggests that she is not susceptible to the occasional bouts of being bummed out. As she explains in the introduction to these cookbooks, she experienced a pretty deep period of depression following a breakup in 2013. She wasn’t eating or working but she was putting a soundtrack to her funk in the form of the depressing songs she listened to as teenage goth. She describes this music as ‘sonic soul food’ and it helped her during these dark times.

Drawing helped too and creating doodles of her favorite musicians eating food gave her comfort. She gave these drawings to friends who then demanded more. This lead to a zine filled with images of Morrissey eating various food items. That’s what you’ll find illustrating the pages of these two cookbooks with Morrissey stuffing his face in Defensive Eating and Nick Cave doing likewise in the Comfort Eating edition. And if that wasn’t enough quality entertainment, for added value vegan chef Joshua Ploeg has created dozens of delicious recipes to inspire you to get cooking.


Pun-y recipe titles include “Boy with the Corn in his Side,” “Peas Let Me Get What I Want” (Morrissey) and “The Face of Jesus in My Soup” (Cave). Of course, a good cookbook would never require you to be a fan of a particular band or musical style. You must only love cooking and food.

Being vegan is not about denying yourself flavor, so if you are vegan, you will find plenty of healthy and flavorful recipes that are both easy to make and cheap to boot. The recipes themselves are the creation of punk rock vegan chef Joshua Ploeg. Ploeg is a touring chef and a personal chef in Los Angeles and, in his words, is a noisy punk rock “singer”. I have reviewed a few of Ploeg’s recipe collections in the past. You will find those reviews here and here.

Note: If you do make any of the dishes outlined in these books, remember to use those leftovers and reduce the amount of food waste you feed to landfills!


If you are a fan of cookbooks, vegan cooking, art, and/or music, especially that of Nick Cave or Morrissey, you will dig these books. They make great holiday gifts. You can buy them direct from Microcosm or click on the images below. Bon appetite!


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